The Procedures Course - Leuven, 2020 April 23-24

Dear all,

We are very excited to announce that the Procedures Course is coming to Europe!

The Procedures Course is a 2 day course that will teach you how to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures. It is a collaboration between The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, the Australian National Trauma Research Institute, Monash University and UZ Leuven. It comprises phase 1 of the Alfred Shock, Trauma & Resuscitation Program (A-S.T.A.R) which focuses primarily on procedural skills.

The course will be taught on fresh, un-embalmed, donor cadavers.

Sessions will have a heavy emphasis on acquiring hands-on skills for the management of the multiply injured complex trauma patient.

Procedures will include:

  • Surgical airway (cricothyroidotomy)

  • Orbital decompression (lateral canthotomy and cantholysis)

  • Pleural decompression (finger thoracostomy and pleural drainage)

  • Vascular access (MAC line / RIC line / Intraosseous access)

  • Temporary trans-venous cardiac pacing

  • Pericardial decompression (including resuscitative thoracotomy)

  • Retrieval limb amputation

  • Escharotomy

  • Resuscitative hysterotomy

  • Haemorrhage control

  • Advanced suturing / wound closure

For more information and registration, please visit https://theprocedurescourse.com/

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